Billings Learned Hand is one of the most notable judges in American history, quoted by more than any other lower court judge. It is said that the only reason he was not elevated to the US Supreme Court was his political differences with FDR. He was originally appointed in 1909 then elevated to the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit by Calvin Coolidge in 1924. His father was Samuel Hand, an appellate lawyer, who in turn was the son of Judge Augustus Cinncinatis Hand, the sone of Samuel Hand born 1769, the son of Nathan Hand born 1846 in Amagansett, Suffold County, son of Samuel Hand born 1709 in Easthampton, who died in 1746 drowning in a tanner's vat, son of James Hand, born 1680, son of James born 1651, who is the son of John Hand (the Immigrant born 1609) our common ancestor. My nearest ancestor, Thomas Hand born 1646, left Long Island for Cape May in I believe the 1660s. He thus was

Agustus Noble Hand also served on the Second District as a district court judge and then later on the Court of Appeals. He was a cousin of Learned Hand. Agustus is famous for his ruling in United States v. One Book Entitled Ulysses by James Joyce, 72 F.2d 705 (2nd Cir. 1934), which ruled that the novel Ulysses, by James Joyce, was not obscene and therefore could not be banned from import into the U.S.

Llyod Hand, former State Department protocol officer under the Johnson Administration, ran for Lieutenant Governor of California in 1966.