The Hand Family--a Proud History

Jehu Hand,

John Hand and his progeny in the New World were daring and brave entrepreneurs who exemplified the Yankee "can do" attitude.

With other founding families in Long Island, Cape May and then Indiana, they laid a foundation for us all.

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About Jehu Hand

Jehu Hand,

Jehu Hand is a 1984 graduate of New York University School of Law. Jehu has a lifelong interest in family history,dating from his teens when he first read a history complied by his father Charles R. Hand and cousin Anna Laura Brown.

  • This website is dedicated to those two individuals, who, by their unselfish interest in family history, recorded an enormous body of information
  • This information would have been forever lost if not for their efforts
  • We must remember our past, look to the good and build on it
  • Our forefathers were human, but as any human, could rise to heights despite their weaknessess
  • And our mothers among them often made the ultimate sacrifice, in childbirth, to preserve our lineage and make our life a reality

What are you doing to make your life noble? How are you transiting this difficult passage called life? Here are some fantastic videos.

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  • Mt. Tabor Church Before 1836

    Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, founded 1838

    Thomas Stites Hand was one of the founders of the Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church in New Albany, under the jurisdiction of the Third Presbyterian Church. Evergreens to the left of the cemetery were placed there in 1949 in his memory. The church cemetery is full of headstones of the Hand and Emery families; the Emerys were apparently much more prosperous than the Hand, based on the headstones.

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